RIEL adjunct Dr Adam Britton and Andrew Campbell discuss crocodile culling and conservation in the Northern Territory.


A wing and a prayer: Professor Stephen Garnett and Kerstin Zander discuss how climate change is threatening the habitat of over 100 Australian bird species.

RIEL's Dr Peter Kyne discusses the plight of sawfish populations in northern Australia and globally.

Tasmania’s endangered devils

Professor Stephen Garnett explores the challenges ahead for Australia’s first threatened species commissioner.

RIEL adjunct Dr Dick Williams and ANU colleagues look at the science that is being overlooked by current environmental policy.


"Prepare now, or pay later" RIEL Director Andrew Campbell and Professor Stephen Garnet discuss rising sea levels and how small changes can equal big damage.

Cane Toads

RIEL Adjunct Professorial Fellow Nigel Turvey looks back at the circumstances and people that facilitated the cane toad's introduction to Australia.

Orange-bellied Parrot

Professor Stephen Garnett contributes this piece on the critically endangered Orange-bellied Parrot for The Conversation's current series on Australian endangered species.

Saltwater Crocodile (Crocodylus porosus)

RIEL Adjunct Adam Britton and Director Andrew Campbell coauthor this piece discussing the new global crocodile attack database CrocBITE

Politicians have forgotten the ‘dry’ in dry tropics and the change in the climate

Northern Institute's Elspeth Opperman and Chris O'Brien remind the policy makers that the tropical climate has even more inherent variability than an election promise.

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The Research Institute for the Environment and Livelihoods is based at Charles Darwin University in the Top End of Australia.

RIEL is equipped to take a comprehensive approach across the terrestrial, aquatic, coastal and marine ecosystems of the north, and is multidisciplinary in its research across the natural and social sciences.

We are scholars, technicians, visionaries, and explorers: we're passionate about research. Welcome to RIEL.

RIEL [blog] headlines

Bronwyn Myers - 24 Jul 2014

In a rural village in eastern Indonesia a young boy is playing with his younger sister in the dusty yard around the house. It is especially dusty now because there has been no irrigation water in the channels all year. This area depends largely on paddy, irrigated by water from a weir in the nearby Noelmina River, west Timor. In Dec 2011 the weir wall was broken during a flood and now the weir wall is being rebuilt – a massive construction project which will take three...

Miguel A Bedoya-Pérez - 17 Jul 2014

 By Miguel A Bedoya-Pérez  Disclosure Statement: Miguel A Bedoya-Pérez receives funding from Meat and Livestock Australia to work on the development of a management plan for the agile wallaby (Macropus agilis) in the Northern Territory. In-kind support for this project has been received from: The Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries, The Northern Territory Cattleman Association, Victoria River District Conservation Association and the Douglas Daly Research Farm...

Andrew Campbell - 17 May 2014

Written by RIEL Adjuncts Dr Don Franklin and Dr Noel Preece Don Franklin and Noel Preece have just finished a report commissioned by ECNT on the conservation status of Australia’s northern eucalypts.  The executive summary is set out here, and the full report can be requested from Noel Preece by email at  noel@biome5.com.au We investigated the conservation status of the eucalypt taxa and communities of northern Australia including...

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