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Thu, 14/08/2014

Research Highlight:
RIEL PhD candidate, Amphone Sivongxay, has just submitted her PhD for examination.

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  • Wed, 13/08/2014

    The puzzling reproductive patterns of Australia’s longest venomous snake have been uncovered by a Charles Darwin University student.

  • Wed, 13/08/2014

    This week the foundations were laid for the 40 meter high flux tower at the Litchfield Park.

  • Tue, 05/08/2014

    A survey has revealed many Daly River catchment residents would be comfortable with a level of land development for economic purposes in the region.

  • Thu, 24/07/2014

    Research into the impacts of sewage effluent on a marine sponge species located in waters around Darwin Harbour has uncovered some surprising results.

  • RIEL Director Professor Andrew Campbell, Vice-Chancellor Professor Simon Maddocks and Professor Stephen Garnett
    Fri, 27/06/2014

    Australians must prepare now if we are to save all our birds as the climate changes.

  • Thu, 05/12/2013

    In an intensive effort to better understand the role of feral cats in native mammal decline, two cat-exclosure fences have been built in Kakadu National Park.

  • Tue, 03/12/2013

    An innovative new database compiling information about crocodilian attacks world-wide could help with future conservation efforts of the species’.

  • Mon, 02/12/2013

    Cattle producers and scientists are teaming up on a new project to manage agile wallaby numbers, which are booming across Top End pastoral lands.

  • Thu, 21/11/2013

    An exhibition that captures the world-famous Galapagos Islands will open in Darwin next week to celebrate the ties between Charles Darwin University and Ecuadorian researchers and students.

  • Thu, 14/11/2013

    A book detailing the devastating impact of one of Australia’s most successful invasive species and the lessons that can be learned from the “unintended consequences” of species’ introduction will be launched this week (Friday, 15 November).


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