Savanna super site foundations laid

Savanna super site foundations laid

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Wed, 13/08/2014

This week the foundations were laid for the 40 meter high flux tower at the Litchfield Park SuperSite.

The Litchfield Savanna SuperSite (LSS) represents high rainfall tropical savanna, the dominant ecosystem type across northern Australia.

The site is a 5 km x 5 km block of relatively uniform open-forest savanna inside the park, and about 80 km south of Darwin. The infrastructure being put in place will help scientists understand the dynamics of vegetation structure and floristics (the kinds and numbers of plant species in an area, and their distribution and relationships) by linking field observations with infrastructure measuring fluxes (or exchanges) of carbon, water and energy. The fluxes will be linked to remotely sensed observations of vegetation cover and leaf area taken from the ground, aircraft and space.

The project is a collaboration between RIEL, CDU, Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network (TERN), Bushfires NT, NT Government’s Department of Natural Resources, Environment, The Arts and Sport (NRETAS) and Monash University.

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