How to be lazy: Getting remote sensing and image processing to do the work for you

How to be lazy: Getting remote sensing and image processing to do the work for you

Fri, 14/03/2014 - 10:00

About the Presenter

Karen Joyce

Karen graduated in 2004 with a PhD in Geographical Sciences from the University of Queensland. Her focus was on mapping live coral cover using remote sensing. Using her remote sensing expertise for a variety of applications, she has since worked as a Geomatic Engineering Officer in the Australian Army, developed models for spatially explicit mapping of recreation opportunities across New Zealand’s conservation estate, and developed techniques for integrating remote sensing into all phases of the disaster management cycle. Her primary area of interest is in the application and automation of remote sensing tools for environmental monitoring and management problems. While the environmental target may vary from marine and coastal through to savanna ecosystems, her common approach is to optimise models for rapid quantitative information extraction and communication purposes.


Charles Darwin University
Ellengowan Drive
Building Red 6.1.05
Casuarina NT 0810

Dr Karen Joyce is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Environment / Research Institute for the Environment and Livelihoods, Charles Darwin University. Her primary interest is in using remote sensing for environmental monitoring. In her presentation this week, she’ll give an overview of a range of projects that she is working on. This will include techniques to (1) monitor vegetation change using data sets with both high spatial and temporal frequency;  (2) extract live coral coverage from satellite data; and (3) incorporate unmanned airborne systems into field and image data acquisition plans. In addition, she will provide a brief insight into teaching and learning within spatial sciences at CDU. This will incorporate demonstration of some of her freely available interactive online learning tools that are currently used not only by students, but more broadly within industry and government as well.

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