Arturo Izurieta

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Year Type Citation
2013 Journal Article Stacey, N., Izurieta, A. V. & Garnett, S. T. Collaborative Measurement of Performance of Jointly Managed Protected Areas in Northern Australia. Ecology and Society 18, (2013).
2012 Journal Article Izurieta, A. V., Petheram, L., Stacey, N. & Garnett, S. T. Costs of participatory monitoring and evaluation of joint management of protected areas in the Northern Territory, Australia. Australasian Journal of Environmental Management 1 - 13 (2012). doi:10.1080/14486563.2012.726130
2011 Book Izurieta, A. V., Stacey, N. & Karam, J. Guidebook for Supporting Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation of Jointly Managed Parks in the Northern Territory. (Research Institute for the Environment and Livelihoods, Charles Darwin University, 2011).
2011 Journal Article Izurieta, A. V. et al. Developing Indicators for Monitoring and Evaluating Joint Management Effectiveness in Protected Areas in the Northern Territory, Australia. Ecology and Society 16, (2011).
2009 Journal Article Ross, H. et al. Co-management and Indigenous protected areas in Australia: achievements and ways forward. Australasian Journal of Environmental Management 16, 51 - 61 (2009).
2009 Book Chapter Stacey, N. & Izurieta, A. V. RIMBA: Sustainable Forest Livelihoods in Malaysia and Australia 70 - 78 (Institute of Environment and Development (LESTARI), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), 2009). at <>

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