Edward Halawa

Dr. Edward Halawa joined the Centre for Renewable Energy (CRE) within the Research Institute for the Livelihoods and Environments (RIEL) as a Senior Research Fellow in July 2012. Previously he was with Mechanical Engineering Department - Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS - as Senior Lecturer. Prior to that, he was with the Sustainable Energy Centre – Barbara Hardy Institute, University of South Australia as a postdoctoral researcher. He was recipient of UNDP Fellowship in Renewable Energy and the UniSA President’s scholarship for his PhD research.

Dr. Halawa has more than 20 years’ combined experience in the fields of energy systems analysis, renewable energy, thermal energy storage and thermal comfort as researcher, lecturer and consultant. His recent research topics included a critical overview of adaptive approach to thermal comfort, intelligent grid in the new housing development, improvement of temperature setting for AccuRate building energy rating software.

Academic qualifications

Doctor of Philosophy, Mechanical Engineering, University of South Australia, Mawson Lakes, Australia, 2006. Research Title: Thermal Performance Analysis of  a Roof Integrated Solar Heating System Incorporating Phase Change Thermal Storage, Supervisors: Prof. Wasim Saman and Dr. Frank Bruno.

Master of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, University of South Australia,Mawson Lakes, Australia, 1995. Research Title: Operative Temperature - Measurement and Control. Supervisors: Prof. Wasim Saman, Dr. Chris J. Marquand, Prof. RE Luxton.

Sarjana (B.Eng), Mechanical Engineering, University of Sumatera Utara, Medan, Indonesia, 1984.

Professional Memberships

Member, Australian Solar Energy Society (AuSES)
Member, Australian Institute of Energy (AIE)
Member, International Solar Energy Society (ISES)
Member, International Building Performance Simulation Association (IBPSA)

Research Interests

Energy Systems Analyses, Energy Sustainability in Buildings, Renewable Energy, Thermal Comfort, Thermal Energy Storage.

Research topics are available to potential students who are considering doing research at Masters / PhD level. The Charles Darwin University's Centre for Renewable Energy offers highly competitive scholarships for potential candidates keen to carry out research on Renewable Energy.

Self-funded candidates or those who are considering applying for scholarships from elsewhere are encouraged to discuss the potential research topics. See also Publications Section on this page. Enquiry can be sent through: Edward.Halawa@cdu.edu.au.

The Centre for Renewable Energy is currently inviting Australian and international applicants to apply for PhD Scholarship in Energy Efficiencies and Best Practice Urban Design in the Top End. Further information can be accessed through CRE homepage. -> The application is now closed.

Year Type Citation
2014 Journal Article Halawa, E., van Hoof, J. & Soebarto, V. The impacts of the thermal radiation field on thermal comfort, energy consumption and control - A critical overview. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 37, (2014).
2014 Journal Article Halawa, E., GhaffarianHoseini, A. & Li, D. H. W. Empirical correlations as a means for estimating monthly average daily global radiation: A critical overview. Renewable Energy 72, (2014).
2013 Book Chapter Halawa, E. Sustainable Retrofitting of Commercial Buildings - Warm Climates (Earhscan, 2013).
2012 Journal Article Halawa, E. & van Hoof, J. The adaptive approach to thermal comfort: A critical overview. Energy and Buildings 51, (2012).
2012 Journal Article Belusko, M., Halawa, E. & Bruno, F. Characterising PCM thermal storage systems using the effectiveness-NTU approach. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 55, (2012).
2012 Book Chapter Saman, W., Mudge, L., Whaley, D. & Halawa, E. (M'Sirdi, N., Namaane, A., Howlett, R. J. & Jain, L. C.) (2012).
2011 Conference Paper Halawa, E. Thermal Performance Rating of Solar Water Heating Systems in ASEAN. (WASET, 2011). at <http://www.waset.org/journals/waset/v60/v60-22.pdf>
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2010 Conference Paper Whaley, D. M., Saman, W., Halawa, E. & Mudge, L. T. Lessons learnt from implementing intelligent metering and energy monitoring devices in a new housing development. (Australian Solar Energy Society (AuSES), 2010).
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2007 Conference Paper Saman, W., Halawa, E. & Krause, M. Residential Application of Solar Liquid Desiccant Cooling System in Tropical Countries of South East Asia. Second International Conference Solar Air-Conditioning (Ostbayerisches Technologie-Transfer-Institut e.V. (OTTI), Regensburg, Germany, 2007).
2005 Journal Article Saman, W., Bruno, F. & Halawa, E. Thermal Performance of PCM Thermal Storage Unit for a Roof Integrated Solar Heating System. Solar Energy 78, (2005).
2005 Journal Article Halawa, E., Bruno, F. & Saman, W. Numerical Analysis of a PCM Thermal Storage System With Varying Wall Temperature. Energy Conversion and Management 46, (2005).
1994 Journal Article Halawa, E. & Marquand, C. J. Improving thermal comfort conditions by accounting for the mean radiant temperature. International Journal of Ambient Energy 15, (1994).
1993 Conference Paper Halawa, E., Marquand, C. J. & Luxton, R. E. A method of implementing Fanger/​ASHRAE comfort criteria in air conditioning controls. Fifth Australasian Heat and Mass Transfer Conference (1993).

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