Dr. Erica A. Garcia

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Erica has an established track record of collaborative research in a variety of aquatic habitats (i.e. freshwater lakes, ponds, salt marshes and rivers). Erica uses a combination of observational, experimental, and isotopic approaches to study species interactions and biodiversity in a food web context to examine how these affect key ecosystem processes. Since 2008, she has been working as a lead researcher on TRaCK project 5.1: Bottom up and top down control of tropical river food webs and has also been focusing on quantifying aquatic and riparian invertebrate subsides in the NT. She has also collaborated with researchers as part of TRaCK project 5.5: Flow-ecology relationships for biodiversity and ecosystem processes and TRaCK project 4.6: Trial of the Framework for the Assessment of River and Wetland Health (FARWH) in the wet/dry tropics. She is also the NT representative on the executive committee of the Australian Society of Limnology.

Year Type Citation
2012 Journal Article Townsend, S. A., Garcia, E. A. & Douglas, M. M. The response of benthic algal biomass to nutrient addition over a range of current speeds in an oligotrophic river. Freshwater Science 31, 1233 - 1243 (2012).
2011 Journal Article Garcia, E. A., Bertness, M., Alberti, J. & Silliman, B. Crab regulation of cross-ecosystem resource transfer by marine foraging fire ants. Oecologia 166, 1111-1119 (2011).
2011 Book Chapter Jardine, T. D. et al. Aquatic Biodiversity in Northern Australia: patterns, threats and future. (Pusey, B. J.) 23-35 (Charles Darwin University Press, 2011).
2011 Book Chapter Garcia, E. A. et al. (Pusey, B. J.) 51-70 (CDU Press, 2011).
2010 Journal Article Brandt, M., Gedan, K. Bromberg & Garcia, E. A. Disturbance Type Affects the Distribution of Mobile Invertebrates in a High Salt Marsh Community. Northeastern Naturalist 17, 103 - 114 (2010).
2008 Journal Article Garcia, E. A. & Mittelbach, G. G. Regional coexistence and local dominance in Chaoborus: species sorting along a predation gradient. Ecology 89, 1703-1713 (2008).
2006 Journal Article Mittelbach, G. G., Garcia, E. A. & Taniguchi, Y. Fish reintroductions reveal smooth transitions between lake community states. Ecology 87, 312-318 (2006).
2005 Journal Article Steiner, C. F. et al. The influence of consumer diversity and indirect facilitation on trophic level biomass and stability. Oikos 110, 556–566 (2005).

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