Owen Stanley

Research interests

Most of Owen's research and consultancy has been in the area of the economic development of  remote Australian Indigenous communities.  The communities studied have been in the Northern Territory, Western Australia and Queensland.  Owen has also conducted research in the development of Indigenous communities in Alaska and in PNG.  Other areas of research interest include regional economic development, cost-benefit analysis, and environmental economics. 

Owen has conducted fieldwork for Indigenous research in the following places: Aboriginal communities on five cattle stations, central Australia, NT; Gagudju communities of Kakadu, NT; Nguiu, NT; Peppimenarti, NT; Daly River Mission, NT; Mornington Island, Qld; Western Desert outstations (a study of 53 outstations), NT; Barunga, NT; Wugularr, NT; Bulman, NT; Eva Valley Station, NT; Islands of the Torres Strait, Qld; Yagga Yagga and the sites of proposed Balgo (WA) outstations; Nondalton (Indian village), Alaska, USA; Kakadu Conservation Zone, NT; A number of Aboriginal communities adjacent to the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park; Ok Tedi and Fly River villages and towns, PNG; Groote Eylandt Aboriginal communities, NT; Wadeye (Port Keats), NT; Doomadgee, Mornington Island and Indigenous communities in Burketown and Normanton involved in the Gulf Communities Agreement (Native Title), Qld; Kowanyama, Qld.

Year Type Citation
2012 Conference Paper Greiner, R., Morrison, J., Stanley, O., Austin, B. J. & Simpson, T. Towards improved Indigenous livelihoods from land and water resources in north Australia. 18th International Symposium on Society and Resource Management (ISSRM), Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. 17-21 June 2012 (2012).
2012 Journal Article Greiner, R. & Stanley, O. More than money for conservation: exploring social co-benefits from PES schemes. Land Use Policy (2012). doi:10.1016/j.landusepol.2011.11.012
2012 Report Greiner, R., Stanley, O. & Speering, G. The potential role of market-based instruments in safeguarding the water quality in Darwin Harbour. Report to the Northern Territory Department of Natural Resources, Environment, The Arts and Sport (Charles Darwin University, 2012).
2012 Report Greiner, R., Stanley, O. & Austin, B. J. Sustainable Indigenous livelihoods from north Australian land and water resources - towards a research and development agenda and implementation strategy. Report to NAILSMA Ltd and the National Water Initiative (Charles Darwin University and NAILSMA Ltd., 2012).
2012 Report Stacey, N., Stanley, O., McWilliam, A. & Hunter-Xenie, H. Bradshaw Social Impact Assessment Review and Baseline Community Study Report . Report prepared for the Commonwealth Department of Defence (Charles Darwin University, 2012).
2011 Report McFallan, S., Stanley, O. & Fisher, S. Service provision for Indigenous Settlements - a complex system: the Housing/Health interface. DKCRC Working Paper 80 (2011). at <http://www.nintione.com.au/resource/NintiOneWorkingPaper_80_ModellingTheComplexSystemOfServiceProvision.pdf>
2011 Report Porter, R. et al. Desert Services That Work: Demand Responsive Approaches to Desert Settlements. Final report for Core Project Five, DKCRC Research Report 70 (2011). at <http://www.desertknowledgecrc.com.au/publications/dkcrc-0865>
2011 Report Stanley, O. Part B: Title Confidential. Report for the NT Department of Resources (2011).
2011 Report Altai, Z. et al. Socio-Economic Activity and Water Use in Australia's Tropical Rivers: A Case Study in the Mitchell and Daly River Catchments. (2011). at <http://www.track.gov.au/publications/registry/905>
2010 Report Stanley, O. Part A: Title Confidential. Report for the NT Department of Resources (2010).
2010 Journal Article Gerritsen, R., Stanley, O. & Stoeckl, N. The Importance of Aboriginal Communities to the Alice Springs Economy. Journal of Economics and Social Policy 13, (2010).
2010 Book Chapter Stanley, O. in R. Gerritsen (Ed) North Australian Poltical Economy (Gerritsen, R.) (CDU Press, 2010).
2009 Report Moran, M. et al. Desert Services That Work: Year One Research Report. DKCRC Working Working Paper Series No. 30 (2009).
2009 Journal Article Stoeckl, N. & Stanley, O. Maximizing the benefits of development in Australia's far north. Australasian Journal of Regional Studies 15, 255 - 279 (2009).
2009 Report Stanley, O. & Stoeckl, N. A baseline study of the socio-economic conditions of people likely to be directly affected by the Bigrlyi uranium/vanadium project, NT. A private consultancy study for Environmental Earth Sciences (2009).
2008 Journal Article Jackson, S., Stoeckl, N., Stanley, O. & Stratton, A. The Changing Value of Australian Tropical Rivers. Geographical Research September, 275-290 (2008).
2008 Report Stanley, O. A survey of ideas and literature on demand responsive service delivery for desert settlements : an economists viewpoint. DKCRC Working Paper No.21 (2008).
2008 Report Hanlon, G. & Stanley, O. Second Five Year Review of the Gulf Communities Agreement. between Century Mine, the Gulf traditional owners affected by the Century Mine, and the Queensland Government (2008).
2008 Report Stanley, O. Some recent developments in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander policy. DKCRC Working Paper No. 24 (2008).
2007 Journal Article Stoeckl, N. & Stanley, O. Key Industries in Australia's Tropical Savanna. Australian Journal of Regional Studies 13, 255-286 (2007).
2007 Report Stoeckl, N., Stanley, O., Brown, V. & Stoeckl, W. Regional Economic Multipliers in the Tropical Savanna. Report for the Tropical Savanna Cooperative Research Centre (2007). at <http://savanna.cdu.edu.au/savanna_web/publications/downloads/Regional-Economic-Multipliers-in-the-Tropical-Savannas.pdf>
2006 Report Stratton, A., Stoeckl, N., Stanley, O., Brown, V. & Jackson, S. An Assessment of the Social and Economic Values of Australia's Tropical Rivers. Report for Land and Water Australia (2006). at <http://lwa.gov.au/products/pn30051>
2006 Journal Article Kaur, K., Rolfe, J. & Stanley, O. Benefits or Losses from Clearing Trees to Develop Pastures in Central Queensland, Australia?. Agricultural Journal 1, 81-89 (2006).
2005 Conference Paper Stanley, O. & Taylor, J. The Economic Cost of Poverty in an Aboriginal Community. ABBSA Conference (2005).
2005 Journal Article Stoeckl, N. & Stanley, O. Land Rich and Data Poor: Modelling Requirements in Australia's Far North. Economic Papers 24, 230-248 (2005).
2005 Book Taylor, J. & Stanley, O. The Opportunity Cost of the Status Quo in the Thamarrurr Region. The Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research Working Paper No.28/2005, a study for the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) (ANU, 2005). at <http://caepr.anu.edu.au/Publications/WP/2005WP28.php>
2004 Report Stoeckl, N. & Stanley, O. Predicting Regional and Landscape Dynamics in Australian Savannas - Economic Dimensions. CRC Tropical Savannas Management (2004).
2004 Report Stanley, O. & Hansen, G. The Economic Impact of the Propsoed Increase in the Park Use Fee for Kakadu National Park. A report for a consortium composing Aboriginal associations, PAN, NTG and tourism interests (2004).
2004 Conference Paper Stoeckl, N. & Stanley, O. Modelling the Australian Savanna. ABBSA Conference (2004).
2004 Report Stanley, O. The Economic Benefits of Opportunity International Australia's Pilot MED Program. A report for Opportunity International Australia and a submission to ATSIS (2004).
2002 Book Stanley, O. The Potential Use of Tax Incentives for Indigenous Businesses on Indigenous Land. CAEPR Working Paper No. 17/2002 (Australian National University, 2002). at <http://caepr.anu.edu.au/Publications/WP/2002WP17.php>
2002 Conference Paper Stanley, O. The Potential Use of Tax Incentives for Indigenous Businesses on Indigenous Land. Reconcilitation Australia's Indigenous Banking Workshop (2002).
2002 Report Stanley, O. & Hansen, G. Potential for Enterprise Development on the Groote Archipelago. A report for the Anindilyakwa Land Council (2002).

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