Ronju Ahammad

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Ronju has a Bachelor of Forestry degree from Chittagong University of Bangladesh and a Masters degree in Ecosystems, Governance and Globalisation from Stockholm Resilience Centre of Stockholm University in Sweden.  His research interests are in contemporary development approaches to natural resource management with a particular focus on synergies and trade-offs of biodiversity conservation with livelihoods at the community and ecosystem levels and application of resilience and transformation concepts in dynamic social-ecological systems.

Before commencing his PhD with RIEL, Ronju worked with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Bangladesh on Community Based Adaptation to Climate Change through Coastal Afforestation project. He supported activities to build partnerships between local government agencies and communities for collaborative land uses in coastal areas and monitoring of income-generating livelihood practices. Ronju also contributed to knowledge management of the project through developing case study information, fact sheets and stories on the adaptation lessons for dissemination within Bangladesh and abroad.

PhD Research Study:

My PhD project focuses on understanding the impacts of new forest regime on conservation and livelihoods. Based on a case study in Bangladesh, the research will analyze the context of forest conservation and livelihood development; the livelihood outcomes of forest dependent communities, the social-ecological dimensions/attributes affecting the livelihood and conservation outcomes; and sustainability and effectiveness of the new forest regime.

Year Type Citation
2014 Journal Article Ahammad, R., Hossain, K. M. & Husnain, P. Governance of Forest Conservation and Co-benefits for Bangladesh under Changing Climate. Journal of Forestry Research 25, 29-36 (2014).
2013 Book Chapter Nandy, P. et al. Climate Change Adaptation Actions in Bangladesh, Disaster Risk Reduction 277-303 (2013).
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2013 Journal Article Ahammad, R., Nandy, P. & Husnain, P. Unlocking Ecosystem Based Adaptation Opportunities in Coastal Bangladesh. Journal of Coastal Conservation: Planning and Management 17, 833–840 (2013).
2013 Conference Paper Ahammad, R., Nandy, P. & Husnain, P. Adaptation to Transformation of Coastal Ecosystem in Changing Climate: Theory to Practical Experience. International Conference on ‘Transformation in a Changing Climate’ (2013).
2012 Conference Paper Nandy, P., Ahammad, R., Macintosh, D. J., Mahindapala, R. & Markopoulos, M. Navigating mangrove resilience through the ecosystem based adaptation: lessons from Bangladesh. Sharing Lessons on Mangrove Restoration, Mangroves for the Future and Gland/IUCN (2012). at <>
2011 Journal Article Ahammad, R. Constraints of Pro-poor Climate Change Adaptation in Chittagong city. Environment and Urbanization 23, 503-515 (2011).
2010 Conference Paper Ahammad, R. Furthering institutional strength of local government for climate change adaptation in Bangladesh. Climate Change and Extreme Cyclones: Regional Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction and Emergency Response in a Rapidly Changing World, Asian Disaster Preparedness Centre and Bangladesh Disaster Preparedness Centre (2010). at <>
2009 Conference Paper Baten, M. A., Khan, N. A., Ahammad, R. & Misbahuzzaman, K. Village common forests in Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bangladesh: balance between conservation and exploitation. (2009).

Reconciling Livelihoods and Conservation in Shifting Forest Regimes in Bangladesh

Understanding the impacts of new forest regime on conservation and livelihoods based on a case study in Bangladesh.

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