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Rayner, T. S., Kingsford, R. T., Suthers, I. & Cruz, D. O. Are entrenched alien species undermining restoration of native fish using environmental flows?. Ecohydrology (Submitted).
Grice, A. C., Clarkson, J. R., Friedel, M. H., Ferdinands, K. & Setterfield, S. A. Containment as a strategy for tackling contentious plants. 486-489 (Submitted).
Woodhouse, J. N. et al. Core microbial populations associated with cyanobacteria from various geophysical environments. Environmental Microbiology (Submitted).
Decolonizing Research in Northern Australia? Is There a Future for Community-based Aboriginal Research Practitioners?. (Submitted).
Exploring the relevance of a landscape ecological paradigm for sustainable landscapes and livelihoods: A case study from the Northern Territory Australia. (Submitted).
Petheram, L., Stacey, N. & Fleming, A. Future sea changes: Indigenous women’s preferences for adaptation to climate change on South Goulburn Island, NT (Australia). Climate and Development (Submitted).
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Clarkson, J. R., Grice, A. C., Friedel, M. H., Setterfield, S. A. & Ferdinands, K. The role of legislation and policy in dealing with contentious plants. 474-477 (Submitted).
Seasonal changes in the water relations of Eucalyptus behriana F. Muell, and E. microcarpa (Maiden) Maiden in the field. (Submitted).
In Press
Garnett, S. T. et al. Climate Change Action Plan for Australian Birds (CSIRO, In Press).
Hamer, P., Henderson, A., Kemp, J., Corey, G. & Feutry, P. Atypical correlation of otolith strontium:calcium and barium:calcium across a marine-freshwater life-history transition of a diadromous fish. Marine and Freshwater Research (In Press).
Garnett, S. T., Szabo, J. K. & Franklin, D. C. Austral Ark (Cambridge University Press, In Press).
Gibb, K. S. et al. The bacterial community associated with the marine polychaete Ophelina sp.1 (Annelida: Opheliidae) is altered by copper- and zinc-contamination in sediments. Microbial Ecology (In Press).
Franklin, D. C., Reside, A. E. & Garnett, S. T. Applied climate change adaptation research (Wiley, In Press).
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Bass, A. et al. Continuous shipboard measurements of oceanic δ 18O, δD and δ13CDIC along a transect from New Zealand to Antarctica using cavity ring-down isotope spectrometry. Journal of Marine Systems (In Press). doi:10.1016/j.jmarsys.2014.04.003
Pettit, N. E. et al. Dynamics of in-stream wood and its importance as fish habitat in a large tropical floodplain river. River Research and Applications (In Press).
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