Examining the impact of control over time on the seed bank of Mimosa pigra on Top End, Australia floodplains

Examining the impact of control over time on the seed bank of Mimosa pigra on Top End, Australia floodplains

Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsBarratt, JL, Douglas, MM, Paynter, Q, Ashley, M
EditorJulien, M, Flanagan, G, Heard, T, Hennecke, B, Paynter, Q, Wilson, C
Conference Name3rd International Symposium on the Management of Mimosa pigra
Date Published22-25 September, 2004
PublisherCSIRO Publishing
Conference LocationDarwinCanberra, ACT, Australia
ISBN Number0-643-06946-1

Mimosa, Mimosa pigra, is renowned for abundant seed production, many of which remain in the population as a persistent seed bank. Integrated control programmes were effective in reducing the above-ground cover of mimosa but little is known about its effect on the soil seed bank. The viability of mimosa soil seed banks following integrated control was investigated in 2 floodplains in the Top End of northern Australia, in relation to time, since control and vegetation types were lower (by approximately 50%) than under stands of mimosa. This reduction occurred within the first year of control. There were a few consistent differences in the density of mimosa seed banks between vegetation types. The results also indicated considerably lower seed counts under mimosa compared to previous studies, which may be attributed to the effectiveness of current biological control programmes. Integrated control therefore appears to be reducing viable mimosa seeds. Nevertheless, significant numbers of seeds remain in the seed bank, highlighting the importance of follow-up control and sound land-management practices for competitive species to suppress mimosa re-establishment.



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