It's Time to Renew Landcare

It's Time to Renew Landcare

Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsCampbell, CAndrew
JournalAgricultural Science
Start Page30
Date Published2009
Keywordsaustralia, community commitment, External, Landcare, Natural Resource Management programs

Over the last twenty years of environmental and natural resource management programs in Australia, there have been three key developments: voluntary, community-based Landcare; the evolution of the a regional-scale delivery model based on catchment management organisations; and a more recent push for more evidence-based investment and reporting. Ideally these three approaches should proceed in parallel, each reinforcing the others. Landcare does not work everywhere. However, while it is struggling in many districts, it is worth noting that Landcare in Australia has had no strategic attention for more than a decade. Social capital and natural capital are interdependent; you cannot sustain one for long without the other. Our great opportunity in environmental and natural resource management is to build and energise a framework for partnership between government, and the community and private sectors. We need to build capacity, and to devolve resources, and authority, down to the levels where the vastr majority of land, water and vegetation management decisions are made. Another essention precondition, in my view, is the development of farming and land-use systems that are far better suited to a carbon-,water-,energy- and nutrient-constrained world.


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Campbell, C. Andrew. It's Time to Renew Landcare. Agricultural Science 30-33 (2009).

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