taking the long view in tough times... Landcare in Australia

taking the long view in tough times... Landcare in Australia

Publication TypeGovernment Report
Year of Publication1992
AuthorsCampbell, CAndrew
Keywordsburnout, External, institutional cultures, Landcare, National Landcare Study, rural decline

The landcare movement is undoubtedly the most exciting and significant development in land conservation in Australia. This report is the third annual report of the National Landcare Facilitator project, a consultancy to the Soil Conservation Advisory Committee which advises the Minister for Primary Industries on the National Soil Conservation Program. A key term of reference for the National Landcare Facilitator project is to “define realistic outcomes of the national landcare movement”. A revolution in environmental education (both ‘top-down’ and ‘bottom-up’) and innovative land literacy programs through schools, TAFE and the mass media will ensure that the community is as well informed of landcare as it is of the ‘Life, be in it’, anti-smoking or antidrink driving campaigns. This plan will be predicated on the assumption that Australia’s future lies not in trying to compete with the Europeans and Americans on distorted markets with high volumes of raw products , but in helping rural communities:• to act cooperatively for themselves• to consider possible new enterprises• to get in touch with processors and consumers of their products and perhaps become off-farm or off-shore investors in joint ventures with processors, wholesalers and retailers • to access the best technology available • to make the most of Australia’s position on the globe and its uniqueness in marketing products and technologies which are sustainable, innovative, unmistakably Australian in image and of the highest quality. Farmers will accept the need for the farming community to set and maintain standards of land management. Landcare groups will play a key role in design,implementation and interpretation of research and development projects. The suggested structure (the what) of a landcare evaluation strategy is as follows:A system of annual reports for landcare groups based on that used in Victoria, to gather basic information on levels of participation in landcare, inputs into landcare groups and a description of landcare group activities. These recommendations are designed to complement each other. In particular, the training, evaluation and monitoring ideas are closely interconnected.


Citation and export

Campbell, C. Andrew. taking the long view in tough times.. Landcare in Australia. National Landcare Facilitator Final Report 187pp (1992).

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