Pixels in the big picture-farm plans, rural landscapes and livelihoods

Pixels in the big picture-farm plans, rural landscapes and livelihoods

Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication1996
AuthorsCampbell, CAndrew
Series TitleCRES Working Paper 1996(1)
Keywordsaustralia, demonstration farm, extension, External, farm design, Potter Farmland Plan, sustainability, The Natural Country

Whole farm planning, or property management planning as it is now called, is a major plank in government policies aimed at improving the sustainability of Australian agriculture. One of the most significant initiatives in the evolution of property planning in Australia, was the
privately-funded Potter Farmland Plan project, in which fifteen western Victorian farms were established as demonstrations of a farmer-based planning process in which ecological principles were integrated into farm design, layout and management. This paper is based on
an after-dinner address to the ten year celebration of the Potter Farmland Plan (PFP) and the Dundas-Black Range Corridor group at the Hamilton Performing Arts Centre, on Friday 8 September 1995. It attempts to trace recent progress on Australia’s path towards rural sustainability, and to reflect on the contribution of the Potter Farmland Plan, property management planning, and landcare. The paper concludes by looking much more broadly atsome possible futures for Australia’s rural landscapes and rural livelihoods, developing some themes which hopefully may stimulate ideas and discussion.


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