The Natural Country

The Natural Country

Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication1995
AuthorsCampbell, CAndrew
Keywordsdistinctive, economic viability, environmental integrity, External, Landcare, natural Australia

The contrast between Australia and other developed nations in terms of the richness, biological diversity and naturalness of its landscape is sufficiently stark that we still have options: we
can continue on an essentially European/North American development path; or we can establish a distinctively Australian route. This paper is about seeing through the stale
arguments that environmental integrity and economic viability are incompatible. We can turn tension into synergy by achieving excellence in natural resource management, something which is already in great demand and will become an urgent global priority in this generation. Many of the ingredients are there already: a renewed focus on regional development, an extraordinary platform of participation in the landcare movement, and programs for improving skills and developing new enterprises. What is missing is the overarching vision to unify diverse strands of activity and to inspire long term investment. Here are some broad brush strokes outlining The Natural Country—a strategy built around celebrating and
sustaining Australia’s unique natural endowment as a basis for a more robust and autonomous economy. Along the way we will redefine Australians’ relationship with the land, and
consequently perceptions of that relationship here and elsewhere, to the point where environmental quality and innovation is automatically associated with Australian....naturally.


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