The Australian Natural Resource Management Knowledge System

The Australian Natural Resource Management Knowledge System

Publication TypeGovernment Report
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsCampbell, CAndrew
Keywordscohesion, External, knowledge management, Land&Water Australia, NRM, system boundaries

Knowledge, commitment and capacity
are essential to underpin changes towards more
sustainable systems of land, water and vegetation
management at all scales. This paper analyses Australian progress on
the knowledge component of the sustainability
equation. It contends that there are many areas
of genuine innovation and pockets of excellence,
but that overall we are not putting it all together
as well as we might. This analysis proposes three key analytical
lenses for the NRM knowledge system
– purpose, cohesion and function – and it works
through current issues and potential system
improvements for each. Research funded jointly by Land & Water
Australia and the NHT has found that although
the knowledge needs of the 57 regional bodies
are varied, there is lots of scope for learning
across regional and state boundaries. Areas of
concern identified by regional bodies to date
about information include fragmentation, volume,
relevance, accessibility, the need for two-way
exchange, and the need for sharing across
regions and up to the Commonwealth level and
is too hard for people in any part of the system
to find out what is happening and what is being
learned elsewhere – or has been learned already.
Consequently decisions may not always be based
on the best available information, past mistakes
may be being repeated, and we are probably not
getting the best possible return on investment of
public and private funds and effort.

Government Body

Land&Water Australia


Citation and export

Campbell, C. Andrew. The Australian Natural Resource Management Knowledge System. knowledge for managing Australian landscapes 48pp (2006).

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