Thoughts for the 2020 summit

Thoughts for the 2020 summit

Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsCampbell, CAndrew
Keywords2020 Summit, australia, climate change, data, External, Knowledge-based approach, Landcare

, could have seven core elements: • A schools-based environmental education initiative, drawing on the recently completed (but un-launched) national strategy, consistent with the education revolution and the rollout of new technology into schools… A national land literacy initiative, drawing together, expanding upon, and providing national support and coordination for all the community-based voluntary ‘watch’ programs … A clearinghouse/national innovation centre for analytical tools, technologies and metrics — including tools such as carbon footprinting, lifecycle analyses, energy efficiency measures etc (especially those that can assist in integrating consideration of carbon, water and energy), and technologies such as sensing, metering and telemetry systems, linked to mapping systems such as GIS and GPS and user-friendly front ends like Google Earth — that would help schools, community groups, industries and governments at all levels to develop their own ‘sustainability dashboards’… A complete overhaul across the federation to create a single national system to monitor the status of and trends in the condition of natural resources like biodiversity, soil, land and water …An Australian Ecosystem Observation Network … that would establish core scientific infrastructure based on a network of sentinel sites for monitoring environmental change at a continental scale and supporting research… A data and knowledge centre … to consolidate both existing and new data into much more accessible and tractable forms (again with front ends like Google Earth) …An Australian Centre for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis… that would analyse and synthesise data generated through all of the above mechanisms to provide big-picture analyses of trends and options for policy and other audiences.


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