Science Integration, Synthesis and Application, with a focus on Darwin Harbour

Science Integration, Synthesis and Application, with a focus on Darwin Harbour

Darwin Harbour is a large tropical, monsoonal, macro-tidal harbour in relatively pristine condition, having lost less than 2% of its mangrove communities, and retaining healthy populations of dolphins, turtles, dugongs and many fish species. The harbour is valued highly by the people of Darwin and beyond for its cultural, aesthetic, environmental and recreational values.However, the population of more than 100,000 people living around the harbour and associated industries is already affecting water quality. There are proposals for substantial population increases and major industrial developments in the harbour that will require massive dredging operations and much greater shipping use in coming decades.In collaboration with a range of stakeholders, including CDU and industry, the NT government is developing an Integrated Research and Monitoring Program (IMRP) for Darwin Harbour. Considerable streams of monitoring data will be generated, in parallel with a wide range of research projects across several disciplines, of interest to multiple stake-holders.This context is ideal for the exploration and application of improved approaches to science communication, knowledge management, integration and application -- drawing on, learning from and extending lessons learned elsewhere including the Great Barrier Reef, Moreton Bay and Chesapeake Bay.

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